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powwr [pou-er]:


  1. ability to do or act; capability of doing or accomplishing something.
  2. political or national strength:
  3. great or marked ability to do or act; strength; might; force.
  4. software company specifically focused on the energy industry;
    utilities, retail energy providers, co-ops, municipalities etc.


  1. to supply with electricity or other means of power:
  2. to give power to; make powerful:
  3. to inspire; spur; sustain:
  4. (of a fuel or natural gas, engine, or any source able to do work) to supply force to operate (a machine):


POWWR; The leader in energy managed software solutions and consulting services.

Our vision is to create a software company that provides actionable information through the analytics of all things energy.

We have the people and expertise to assist you in all aspects of the energy business. If you’re tired of living out of spread sheets, wondering if you placed the right hedge this month, or are struggling to calculate commissions and manage your broker network, POWWR can help.

POWWR is a suite of managed software solutions including electric load forecasting software, designed by former Energy Provider senior executives for the sole purpose of automating the many manual and tedious dealt with on a daily basis. By doing so, energy companies can grow their business without having to hire additional employees to support continuous growth. This allows for minimum overhead, increased margins and overall profitability.

Connecticut Office

75 Glen Road, Suite #200
Newtown, CT, 06482.
Phone: 203-456-1850

Florida Office

10117 Princess Palm Ave., STE 100
Tampa, Florida 33610

The Analytics of All Things Energy.